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Leighanne has been practicing yoga for over 30 years. She is a certified yoga teacher dedicated to teaching asana, pranayama, and meditation since 1998. Her style is gentle enough for the beginner yet challenges the experienced yogi with variations, attention to the breath, alignment, and meditation within each pose. As a Christian she encourages you to connect with God in all that you do, resting in His grace and love until each thought, breath and movement becomes an act of worship.


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Testimonies from students

December 7, 2007

Yoga has literally changed my life! At the age of 31, I had a stroke that
took me and my family by surprise and left me struggling to control the left
side of my body. I had followed a diet and exercise program for several
years prior to the unexplainable stroke and was in decent shape. After just
a few weeks in the hospital and rehabilitation, I was released and sent home
with a wonderful physical and occupational therapist. My doctors said I was
very fortunate to recover the use of my left side so quickly. And, although
I made great progress both physically and mentally, a year after the stroke,
I still struggled with residual pain. After working with a variety of
medical professionals, it was suggested I give yoga a try. At first, I was
very hesitant and quite nervous about my body being able keep up. But,
after just a month of classes with Leighanne (and regular stretching
exercises at home), I noticed a drastic decrease in my pain. Today, (two
years after my stroke) I can't go a week without yoga class or I notice
signs of stiffness and the start of my pain returning in my leg and hip. I
believe yoga has practically eliminated the pain I experienced on my left
side. It has also slowly started to restore the fallen arch in my foot (one
of the residual effects of my stroke).

It is very important for me to know that my teacher understands the art of
yoga. But, Leighanne knows much more than just the name of every pose and
its origin. She understands yoga and how it affects each part of the human
body. I also appreciate the fact that she never pushes me to go too far.
But, she is willing to encourage me to go far enough to make it worth my

And as if yoga itself weren't enough to change my life. I've also begun
practicing Centering Prayer because of Leighanne. Which has helped me to not
just realize the importance of stillness in my life but put it into place
through yoga and Centering Prayer. God has given me much to be thankful for
and has allowed me to find healing mentally, physically and spiritually
because of my new practices. Simply put, each day is better because of the
difference yoga and Centering Prayer have made for me.



Fall 2009

Golf & Yoga. Two incredible things have happened with my golf game since I began practicing Yoga. 1) I'm more flexible and can make that "shoulder turn" that so important in a good golf swing. This was absolutely expected however the next thing was not! 2) I used the terminology I learned in Yoga while reading an article regarding the "proper" golf stance/set up. Everyone's always told me that I'd hit the ball crisper if I'd "stick my butt out". I tried this but it never seemed to make a difference. However, this article suggested that I should flex my knees for an athletic stance and then with the golf club in my hand I should "hinge" at the hips until my golf club rested behind the ball. All I could think about was doing a Yoga Swan Dive -- wow! An extra 20 yards every time when I hinge my hips -- thank you Yoga! Cathy W.



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